Lifestyle: Enjoyable or Tolerable?

March 11th, 2014

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When you look at your life, is your lifestyle one of true enjoyment, solely maintenance, or survivable chaos?

I recently mentioned about the need to “plan for life,” especially when life’s responsibilities appear to be squeezing your dreams out of the picture and life becomes solely a process of maintenance.  However, I have been reminded how easy it is for people to believe their lifestyles are intended to be chaotic to be fulfilling.

My spouse has done business in the past with a couple whose lives are in a constant state of chaos — by choice. The one person’s personality lends to feeling that this state of chaos is necessary for a fulfilling life. Both of them, being in a religious environment, either consciously or subconsciously believe that this state of “chaos” is a matter of religious sacrifice or higher calling. Working in religious fields, I’ve seen this concept too often in religious people, and unknowingly lived by that philosophy myself in my 20’s and 30’s. The effects of this barely tolerable lifestyle are already becoming visible in their kids and in poor business decisions, as time for restful meditation is lacking.

If your lifestyle is not one of true enjoyment, the mental perspective needs to be engrained that a healthy, restful way of life is intended by design and necessary for fulfillment. Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Living Beyond 100

March 8th, 2014

Studies show that lowering your intake of sugars and grains plays a major role in slowing aging and extending lifespan.

In one of his newsletter articles, Dr. Joseph Mercola explained the results of these different studies. Use this link here or the footnote at the end of the post to read his full article.

The key factor resulting from the studies that Dr. Mercola brings out is that it is the lowering of insulin levels as a result of calorie restriction which helps to extend one’s life.

Calorie restriction equals lower insulin levels. On the reverse side, high insulin levels speed up the aging process. Though eating fewer calories overall does affect most people’s longevity, even more important is Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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8 Quick Tips to Reclaim Your Christmas Spirit

December 10th, 2013

(From the archives to help you have a stress-free, enjoyable holiday season!)

Feeling like Ebenezer Scrooge? It’s time to take in a few tips and reclaim your Christmas Spirit!

I came across some good, brief tips to de-stress your holiday from an article by blog author Sara Ananya Shah. These are only summaries. Please use the link below to read her full article.  (This is one of the classic holiday “help” articles– a good reminder for each of us each Christmas/New Year’s season.)

1. Shop at home – Shop online as much as possible. The selection is better and many retailers offer free shipping for the holidays.

2. Shop with friends – If you must go out shopping, take a friend along and then relax together afterward with a cup of coffee or cocoa.

3. Have friends and relatives – If you have a dinner with relatives that you dread, invite a friend along, or a specific friendlier relative.

4. Break down chores – For example, don’t do Christmas dinner all at once. [Freeze ahead or] Do as much as possible the day before. If you write out Christmas cards, do a few each night at bedtime.


5. Make due dates – Plan to get your goals done by December 22nd so you can have some time to relax.

6. Exercise – A 20 minute walk will immediately lift your mood and reduce stress hormones.

7. Don’t overeat – You’ll feel happier and healthier.

8. Get “ME” time – Take at least 15 minutes a day to listen to relaxing music, walk, or something else that will make you happy.

Click here to read the full article by Sara Ananya Shah, Holiday Stress Relief: Tips to Reclaim Your Christmas Spirit. Ms. Shah is author of the parenting blog, Loving Your Child.

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Stress Less this Holiday Season

December 7th, 2013

(From the archives to help you have a stress-free, enjoyable holiday season!)

Lessen stress during the holidays with these helpful choices.

Many people are overwhelmed by all the extra time and work that are invested into family traditions and added special events this time of year. An article by Elaine Ambrose provided a collection of good advice to show that a few wise decisions will lessen your stress.

Delegate Choose which chores or errands you need to do and which ones family members can handle. If necessary, make a simple calendar and mark which days tasks need to be done, such as vacuuming, pet care, or folding laundry, and which family member chose it.

Make Meals Easier – Occasionally during this month get something from the freezer section for the main dish and add healthy items to it. Also, when you do cook, double the recipe and freeze the other meal to use over the next couple weeks.

Budget Your Money – Overspending is a main holiday stressor. Decide on your budget for family traditions and activities and stick to it. Some families draw names and decide a set a dollar amount for the gifts. This also makes it easier time-wise as each person only has to shop for 1 gift and already knows the exact price they should spend. Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Natural Osteoporosis Treatment

December 2nd, 2013

Table of contents for Osteoporosis: Risk, Prevention, and Natural Treatment

  1. Assessing Your Osteoporosis Risk Level
  2. Natural Prevention Guide for Osteoporosis
  3. Natural Osteoporosis Treatment

[This is Part 3 of a three-part post.  If you missed Part 1 on Assessing Your Osteoporosis Risk, or Part 2 on Osteoporosis Prevention Guide, please use the series links above.]

There are more options than just calcium supplements to increase your bone density even after you become aware of your osteoporosis.

Let’s look at the options available for natural osteoporosis treatment suggested by 3 well-known authorities in the medical field including a personal program to build your bone density.

Here is a list of a daily regime of supplements suggested by David Edelberg, M.D., medical director of the American Holistic Center/Chicago.

-1,200 mg of calcium
-800 mg of magnesium
-10 mg of zinc
-1 mg of copper
-1,000 mg of vitamin C
-200 IU’s of vitamin D
-50 mg of vitamin B6
-1 mg of folic acid
-1 mg of silicon
-0.5 mg of boron
-5 mg of manganese

Dr. Edelberg says that these supplements can be purchased in most health food stores. You can even find some manufacturers which provide all of these supplements in one capsule. (1)

Dr. John R. Lee’s work specifically with osteoporosis showed that benefits can be achieved independent of age, that osteoporosis reversal is a reality, and that the treatment program is safe, uncomplicated, and inexpensive.

Dr. Lee is world famous for his medical advancements in the realm of women’s health. Here is an excerpt of one of his studies: Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Natural Prevention Guide for Osteoporosis

November 19th, 2013

Table of contents for Osteoporosis: Risk, Prevention, and Natural Treatment

  1. Assessing Your Osteoporosis Risk Level
  2. Natural Prevention Guide for Osteoporosis
  3. Natural Osteoporosis Treatment

[This is Part 2 of a three part post on Osteoporosis. If you missed Part 1 on Assessing Your Osteoporosis Risk Level, please use the series link above to read it!]

Although osteoporosis is usually considered a disease of women, 30% of osteoporosis fractures occur in men. It affects 75 million people in the US, Europe, and Japan, and causes 1.3 million fractures annually in the US alone. (1).

Osteoporosis-related hip fractures are fatal 20% of the time and produce permanent disability half of the time.  With such stats, it is highly beneficial to look at prevention through natural forms of calcium supplements. I’m going give you the recommendations from a couple of different sources, all of which are footnoted at the end of this post.

This is Part 2 of a 3 – Part Post; if you missed the post to assess your risk level, click the above series link. Part 3 will cover Natural Treatment to improve your bone density and minimize bone loss.

Here is a list of natural calcium supplements condensed from suggestions by Mother Use the link to read their full article.

1. Eat a handful of sesame seeds each morning
2. Drink almond milk morning and night, which is high in calcium. Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., M.A.SC. suggests making your own by soaking ten almonds in a cup of warm water for 10 minutes, peeling them and mixing into a blender with 1 cup of cow, goat, or soya milk. Then add a pinch each of cardamom, ginger powder and saffron. You can also buy almond milk at stores such as Walmart.
3. A daily intake of dark green leafy vegetables, low-fat dairy products and sardines with bones are a natural calcium supplement suggested by Richard Gerson, Ph.D.
4. For a non-dairy calcium supplement, naturopathic physician Michael Murray, N.D. suggests juicing 3 kale leaves, 2 collard leaves, a handful of parsley, 3 carrots, 1 apple and 1/2 a green pepper. This provides 212 mgs calcium and 102 mgs magnesium, both necessary for good bone density.
5. Two standing yoga poses done once daily are good exercise for maintaining bone density, called the mountain and the tree, as suggested by Stephen A. Nezezon, M.D. A word of caution – elderly and advanced osteoporsis patients should not do the tree pose. Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Assessing Your Osteoporosis Risk Level

November 9th, 2013

Table of contents for Osteoporosis: Risk, Prevention, and Natural Treatment

  1. Assessing Your Osteoporosis Risk Level
  2. Natural Prevention Guide for Osteoporosis
  3. Natural Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is a fearful topic for most women, yet the best way to overcome fear is to empower yourself with clear information and then act on it. 

In this 3 – Part Post, we will cover Osteoporosis Risk, Prevention, and Treatment.  “Half of all American women over age 50 will suffer a fracture caused by osteoporosis sometime in their lives [while] one in five sufferers is male. “(1)

Before covering your risk factors, again let me emphasize that you can do much to reduce or eliminate a variety of risk factors with regard to your bone density.  Let me start with a great word of encouragement from

When you have a lot of risk factors, or just a few strong risk factors, it’s easy to feel like you’re doomed for problems with your bone health; especially with all the frightening statistics we see in the media about bone health and fracture.  But the statistics on lifetime fracture risk project what might happen if you do nothing to improve your bone health. On the other hand, when you take advantage of the many opportunities to support your bones, you will reduce your odds of a fracture.

Since the more risk factors you have, the greater the likelihood of a fracture, the most common sense response is to be proactive and reduce the number of your risk factors. Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Get Your Antioxidants from Foods!

October 22nd, 2013

You will get more enjoyment and better health benefits by improving your health through key foods compared to synthetic vitamins or prescription drugs.

It is obvious through the warnings on commercials or the fine print on labels that prescription drugs contain a wide variety of potential negative side effects. A large number of vitamins are made synthetically through a chemical process, rather than derived directly from plants. (1) [Links to research articles will be posted at the end of the post.] The more you can derive health benefits directly from the food you eat, the better off you will be.

Adding these key foods into your daily intake will boost your immune system, lower cholesterol, as well as fight heart disease and various forms of cancer.

Tomatoes – Lycopene is a cancer-fighting antioxidant from tomatoes and other red fruits. Of all the carotenoids, lycopene is one of the most potent antioxidants; researchers have found a correlation between increasing the consumption of tomatoes and reducing the risk of cancer. (2) With most foods, the health benefits are lost through the heat of cooking. Lycopene is one of the few necessary substances that is more easily absorbed into the body after being cooked. Tomatoes can decrease your risk of bad cholesterol building up inside arteries (plaque formation) and help prevent future heart attacks. (3) In another study done over a 6 year period by Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, the diets of more than 47,000 men were studied. Of 46 fruits and vegetables evaluated, only the tomato products showed a measurable relationship to reduce prostate cancer risk. (4)

Lemons – Easily boost your immune system by Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Laughter: A Healing Power

October 11th, 2013

Laughter  –  We all enjoying hearing it, we all enjoy doing it.  Laughter has natural healing powers.  It’s time to laugh more for your health!  Here’s why… 

For over a thousand years, long before the realm of modern science, age old proverbs reminded people of the healing power of laughter, 

A rejoicing heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Prov. 17:22

Dr. Don Colbert shares that laughter is one of his prescriptions to patients who come to be placed on nutritional programs. He has discovered that when he asks patients how often they laugh, most cancer patients respond, “I never laugh.” He prescribes 10 belly laughs a day for his patients. (1)

Research has shown a wide variety of healing aspects from laughter:

Pain Relief – A study of patients recovering from surgery showed that the group which was allowed to choose the humorous movies they saw benefited the most from the laughter therapy and required fewer pain-killers compared with a control group that saw none at all. (2) Other research has also shown laughter to increase one’s pain threshold. (4)

Lower Blood Pressure – Laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Immune System Boosters

September 21st, 2013

Build your immunity with these easy-to-implement helps.

Any time is a great time to build your immune system, but such focus is especially helpful when there are extra viruses circulating at the job, grocery store, school, etc.

Here are a couple of tips we use:

1. Add lemon to your drinking water. If you are drinking the proper amount of water for your weight each day (weight x 50% = ounces per day), then you have plenty of opportunity to use lemon to build your immune system. Of course, do not just drop it into your water as they do at restaurants; squeeze the juice of a slice into each glass of water you drink.

2. Stimulate your immune system reflex points. You can follow this link to see a chart of reflex point that you can press on to stimulate your immune system. This site recommends using this technique 3 times a week. Our chiropractor has us do a different immune system stimulator, rubbing on the outside of the left knee, rubbing about 6 inches up the thigh towards the hip, for about 30 seconds.

3. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Experts used to recommend 5+ ½ cup servings a day; though most of us do not eat that much of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables and fruit daily, I found a link that will give you the amounts to eat based on your age, gender, and daily Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Cancer Causes: Reduce the Risks from Plastics

September 5th, 2013

Studies show that petroleum-based plastics leach harmful chemicals into our food and drinks.

Plastics are so convenient to our lives that they have flooded our environment. It is difficult to imagine life without them, but we can reduce our cancer risk by choosing to buy food and drink and store foods in safer types of plastic.

Most plastic containers are marked with a recycle symbol that surrounds a number. That number is how you can determine whether the plastic is one of the safer types or definitely dangerous to your health. If a container is not labeled, it is safer not to use it. In this post, I’ll first list the choices for safer living, then list the more technical info about which plastics cause which diseases.

Here are 2 lists of safer living suggestions, one from and the other from the Health Observation Library. Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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4 Prominent Methods for Cancer Help

August 16th, 2013

With about 12.4 million people being diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2008 and 7.6 million actually dying from the disease in 2010, cancer prevention is an important topic for all of us.

There are 4 Preventative Measures for Cancer that have come more into the spotlight in the medical field.

Dr. Mercola recently sent out a couple of newsletters with good articles on cancer prevention. The first is on the 4 new focuses for prevention. The second contains his list of 11 simple steps to cancer prevention. I want to share the excerpts with you from those articles in these 2 posts with links to the full articles so that you can read in more detail.

Here are 4 Cancer Preventions that Dr. Mercola believes to be of major focus in the medical realm. Please use this link to read his full article.

Vitamin D

If people around the world optimized their vitamin D levels, about 30 percent of cancer deaths — which amounts to 2 million worldwide and 200,000 in the United States — could be prevented each year.

On a personal level, you can decrease your risk of cancer by more than half simply by optimizing your vitamin D levels with Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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11 Simple Steps for Cancer Prevention

July 29th, 2013

There are many simple steps that you can easily take in your daily life to greatly reduce your cancer risk.

Below is only an abbreviated list from Dr. Mercola’s “11 Simple Steps to Do Now” to virtually eliminate your cancer risk.  Please use this link to read Dr. Mercola’s full article.   The is the 2nd post on cancer prevention.  If you missed the first post, please click to go there now.

1. Normalize your vitamin D levels with safe amounts of sun exposure…It would be best to monitor your vitamin D levels.

2. Control your insulin levels … limit your intake of processed foods and sugars as much as possible.

3. Get appropriate amounts of animal-based omega-3 fats.

4. Get appropriate exercise… it drives your insulin levels down.

5. Eat according to your nutritional type. [For an explanation, follow the link off of number 5 on Dr. Mercola’s full newsletter.]

6. Have a tool to resolve emotional Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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6 Steps to Sunburn Relief

July 22nd, 2013

Don’t let your great vacation be put on hold due to a severe sun burn.  Here are 6 steps to a quick sunburn recovery.

This list consists of abbreviated, paraphrased excerpts from an article called, “Summer Travel (see footnote),” by Dr. David J. Foreman, Herbal Pharmacist, who writes a monthly newsletter for the Vitamin Shoppe chain of stores. You can find more of Dr. Foreman’s articles at, click on Health Info, then on Herbal Pharmacist.

1. Treat it with ice as you would any other burn.  Don’t soak in ice water all at once; apply towels soaked in ice water to sections of your body for 20 minutes at a time, then rotate to another section.

2. Relieve the pain an inflammation naturally with white willow, or take an aspirin.

3. Treat the burn topically with aloe or calendula.  A stabilized aloe gel or calendula cream will soothe the burn and help repair the skin.

4. Take antioxidants to help your body repair the free-radical damage caused by the burn from the inside out.  Supplements such as lutein, lycopene, or zeaxanthin are Dr. Foreman’s recommendations.

5. Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory and will also help produce new skin cells.

6. Drink plenty of water.  Not only will you have dehydrated from the burn, but increasing your daily water intake will decrease peeling and speed the rate of healing.

An Even Better Idea, Don’t Get Sun Burned to Begin With! Check out this Related Post:  Sunscreen- Here’s Some Safe Options

Excerpts from “Summer Travel,” by Dr. David J. Foreman, Herbal Pharmacist, Vol. 5, Issue 4.


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Sunscreen- Here’s Some Safe Options

July 18th, 2013

Studies show most people use too little or the wrong kind of sunscreen or suntan lotion.

An spf 30 sunscreen rating sounds good but it may not be as good for your health as it sounds.  I compiled some lists of safe options for sun protection, whether you wear sunscreen or prefer other alternatives.

First, let’s look at the easiest option for you. Use the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen database.

 According to several sites I searched through, the FDA is not updating its sunscreen standards until sometime in 2012.  The EWG tested over 700 sunscreens and gave them a score of 0 to 10, 0 to 2 being the safest ones recommended by the EWG.  The EWG’s study found that 60% contain oxybenzone a potentially harmful hormone-disrupting compound that penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream and 41 % contained retinyl palmitate which accelerates skin damage and increases skin cancer risk when applied to skin exposed to sunlight. (1) .

Check out the safety of your favorite sunscreens using this database link Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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