Vaccine – Live Report on Vaccine Contamination

October 1st, 2008

Gary Null, long-time health expert, hosted a radio interview with award winning British journalist, Janine Roberts regarding contamination of many common vaccines. Gary Null has a PhD in human nutrition and public health science. Below is an excerpt from his email about the vaccine broadcast. If you missed hearing Gary’s program live, use this link to his archives and click on the Oct. 1st program. Archive of 10/01/08 program on vaccine contamination.

Gary and Janine will discuss controversies surrounding our need to reassess vaccines and the meaning of viruses entirely. This program will challenge the entire basis of our vaccine program. A selection of alarming documents will be revealed including NIH official transcripts never before reported. In these revealing documents, top named scientists at our leading institutions speak frankly about the methods used to make our licensed vaccines, saying they contain mutagenic DNA fragments that “may cause cancers and autoimmune diseases” as well as possibly “prions and oncogenes”- brain proteins and a protein for encoding cancer. None of these, they say, can be removed. The vaccine manufacturers cannot even meet the new lowered standards of purity for vaccines.

Also present in our vaccines, they add, are many viruses from other species, proteins, enzymes, toxins and RNA fragments. They state that chicken leukosis virus is widely present in the measles vaccine and has not been removed. It is to this already dangerous brew that such neurotoxic chemicals such as mercury and aluminum are added.

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